N1CE Platform Front-End Interface Officially Released

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4 min readSep 25, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that the first step towards the release of the N1CE platform is officially complete, as the front-end interface becomes publicly available. While the back-end functionality is still pending as the next development stage, you can already get yourself familiar with the core features and enjoy a sneak peek into what is to come. So without further ado let’s walk through the main sections:

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard serves as a central place for all platform features. Here you can use the search box to find a particular type of product or service you are interested in purchasing. Not sure what you are looking for exactly? Then take advantage of the dynamic list of top offers and discover potential solutions for your crypto needs. And should you prefer to take the first step in learning about a particular topic, check out the latest expert content that has become available to start your journey.

Granular Service Browser

Oftentimes, when looking for a certain type of product, or service it is best to start your search in a category of your choice to help narrow results. That is why we have created a granular service browser section to help you do exactly that. Reveal all the offers available in your preferred vertical, whether it is related to smart contracts, web development, graphic design, marketing, mining, or market analysis.

Public Expert Content

As our mission is to only to provide opportunities for talent and demand to meet but to engage future experts on a path towards learning as well, having educational content available to the public was a given. This type of content will also present a chance for platform specialists to promote and establish themselves as trustworthy authoritative figures. Top-performing pieces will be highlighted in the trending section, based on the number of positive votes the community has cast in their favour. With this feature, users will have quick and easy access to the best learning materials published by experts, but most importantly have a say in determining the rank of these publications.

Comprehensive Expert Profiles

To further enhance the opportunity for experts to promote themselves, each of their profiles offers a comprehensive view of what they offer. That is why you will find a full list of services and educational content that a particular expert has listed in their profile. There you will also find the various social media profiles that they have linked, so you can get better acquainted with their portfolio in just a few clicks. Every expert will be categorised according to their relevant expertise and should their application be pending, you can chime in by casting a vote directly from their dedicated page.

Community-Centered Expert Enrollment

Speaking of applications and casting votes, you will also discover the full list of pending applicants available on the main dashboard. One of the main goals of the platform is to allow for a community-centered approach when it comes to expert enrollment, so having a transparent process was a must. Thanks to the publicly verifiable paper trail that comes inherently with blockchain technology, there will be little room for obscurity in the platform governance process.

So now that you are well acquainted with the core platform features, why not give them a go yourself? Hop on to the interface page, click around and get to know the experience first-hand. And should you find something in particular that can be improved, do not hesitate to share your feedback with us. After all, you are the main driving force that will shape the platform as we move further into development and beyond.




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