N1CE Community Updates: September 3–21, 2021

Since our last community updates, the team has been steadily working towards delivering on the priorities we had set earlier in September. As we get closer and closer to the release of the platform front-end, we managed to release the new dedicated trader page, move forward with our first centralised exchange listing and more. Let’s dig into the details:

The N1CE Coin Burn was successfully completed after becoming a Top 2 trending event on CoinMarketCal thanks to your votes! On September 15th a total of 5 000 000 newly unlocked tokens were removed from circulation. We will continue providing better opportunities for our community in the future, such as this solution to combat inflation. Proof in article:

The N1CE Trader Page is now available! Get the latest supply metrics, find relevant trading information and keep up-to-date with our social feed from one central place. Staying on top of your financial game has never been easier. Check it out:

The date is set! The official release of the N1CE platform’s front-end is now scheduled for September 25th. Save the date and don’t forget to show your support by giving it an upvote on CoinMarketCal:

Time for an official reveal! N1CE will become available for trading on the Coinsbit Exchange, ranked in the Top 40 by CoinGecko. Save the date of September 28th and vote for the CoinMarketCal event here:

10 days, 10 Tweets and 10 NFTs! Like and retweet each daily post for a chance to win an exclusive N1CE Digital Artwork. The fruits from our exclusive collaboration with artist brudi were made to commemorate the project and the diverse experts that will shape the platform. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of memorabilia — find the latest Tweet, Like and Retweet it today:

These were all the top highlights we had so far in September. See you all next time at the start of October, so we can wrap up another set of exciting happenings surrounding the N1CE Project. And until then? Keep your finger on the pulse with our social feed embedded directly on the dedicated Trader page here:



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