N1CE Community Updates: August 6–13, 2021

We’re approaching the half-way point of this month with plenty of happenings all around. This week kept us busy with the release of the new N1CE logo, as well as two ongoing events. Let’s review the top highlights:

Queue up the drum roll and sound the fanfares for the new N1CE logo is here! Fostering a sleek and flat design it serves as a reflection of the project’s professional direction.

With just a few days before the end of our previous event, we have another in store for you! Join us in celebration of the new N1CE logo and win some prizes in our latest giveaway. Here’s how you can claim your fair share as one of the 15 winners:

Did you submit your entry to the meme competition already? Don’t worry there is still time! Get your creative muscle flexing and join before the week’s end. Here’s how:

“Personally, I love the idea of having the UpWork of crypto, especially now when there is so much unknown. You need trusted experts.” — Cowboys of Crypto. Watch the full footage:

As you may be aware, as part of our marketing efforts, we have launched a Facebook page and a group linked to it. Hop on to the platform and give us a like and join the group for more N1CE discussions:

Facebook is not the only new channel we have launched. As of recently N1CE is also on Reddit. Keep your finger on the pulse by subscribing to our subreddit:

That’s all we had for this week folks. Join us next time, as we take a closer look at another set of curious highlights from the next seven days.

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