N1CE Community Updates: August 20–27, 2021

It’s been a busy week for us over at N1CE HQ, as we made valuable progress in preparations for September behind the scenes. On the public side, we received an important recognition this week and closed the curtains to a popular community initiative. Let’s dig into the details:

It’s official — N1CE was given a Blue Check Mark as a project of public interest on BSCScan! The mark pinpoints a genuine token listing, prioritises it in search results & collects more on-chain data. Find it while searching or the token page here:

Our latest giveaway is still ongoing! Don’t miss out on the chance to increase your holdings by participating. Don’t know how? Follow this quick guide and join us in celebration of the new logo:

The N1CE Meme competition is officially complete. Over the course of the last seven days you as a community had the chance to cast your vote and pick the 3 winners. Earlier this week we were excited to announce your favourites:

  1. Pikachu X
  2. uDeSs94
  3. Chirag Gandhi

We have contacted the winners and the prizes have been distributed already!

The World is Lit! N1CE supporters from all across the globe have been making their presence known at every August moment. We are thrilled to witness clusters flourish with activity from new arrivals & those that helped us reach this far. A huge thank you for being with us!

These were all the top highlights from the week, but worry not, for another set will come fresh from the presses soon to mark the month’s end. And with it we will be taking a closer look at our progress so far, as well our priorities moving forward. See you all next time!


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