N1CE Community Updates: August 13–20, 2021

August is slowly coming to an end, bringing another set of curious developments for us to peruse. This week kept us busy with the platform’s front-end, as well as two of our special events. Let’s take a closer look at the top highlights:

Excited to see the platform’s front-end go live in September? So are we! How about a quick sneak-peek into some of its key features? Check out our video preview or try it out for yourself on our GitHub:

We’re a week into our latest giveaway already, but there’s still time for you to take part! Take part in celebration of our new logo and snatch a prize along the way. Will you be among the 15 chosen? Join now:

The Final N1CE Farming Pool is officially Live with 6 000 000 tokens awaiting as rewards! Seize this opportunity to increase your holdings by hopping on to Tosdis Finance and claiming your fair share in the next 6 month. Don’t forget to move your liquidity from the old pool as it is now closed for business. Happy farming!

With the month slowly drawing to an end a time for reflection comes as well. Share with us your thoughts — the good, the bad and the ugly. Your opinion matters and your valuable feedback will help shape our course as we move forward. Let your voice be heard via the form here.

The five Meme Competition finalists are here! Let’s give out a warm welcome to each of them and their content. Now it is up to you to decide who will win the prizes. Vote by pressing the button underneath your favourite submissions:

These were all the top highlights of the week. Join us next time, as we review the next set of highlights that the seven days will bring.

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