N1CE Airdrop Launch

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4 min readApr 25, 2021


Hi everyone,

we are pleased to announce our airdrop launch, which will give 100 $N1CE tokens to 40.000 people, for a grand total of 4.000.000 distributed $N1CE tokens.

You will be able to use your tokens for:

  • Project Governance with simplified and integrated mechanisms on N1CE
  • Approve members who apply for becoming experts
  • Hire specialists for your custom products or services
  • Yearly Roadmap DAOs to decide together with our community
  • Discounted rates on N1CE services for staking tokens
  • Liquidity mining features for those interested in providing liquidity to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) pairs of $N1CE token.

We would like to remind you that N1CE will have an “airdrop-only” launch, so there will be no presales, ICO, IDO, IEO, etc.

The only way to get our tokens will be through this airdrop, bounty programs and other community programs that we will announce, before the market release.

We chose to start with this kind of community launch because we want to make sure that our tokens are distributed among the largest possible amount of people, in a way to promote decentralization and create a huge community who will approve experts and vote on important decisions, with a system that represents a lot more people compared to an ICO-launch.

Staking and liquidity mining programs will also attract some of our community members to want to get more of $N1CE tokens due to DeFi benefits they bring, but with this airdrop launch, we believe the fair representation of a greater community will still be prevalent.

This decentralization will help:

  • our DAO and community have much better results at selecting the best specialists among those that apply to the N1CE platform
  • us to gather knowledge and expertise about crypto

For more info on staking and community involvement mechanisms, please visit our website.

Besides the first 4.000.000 $N1CE tokens allocated for this airdrop program, there will be other bounty programs and community programs, until we distribute a total of 12.000.000 $N1CE tokens. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Telegram channels to earn more tokens before N1CE gets released to the market.

How to participate in the airdrop

  • Visit our Telegram bot at: http://t.me/n1ceAirdropBot . It will guide you through the following steps:
  • Entering your email
  • Joining our Telegram Community
  • Joining our Telegram Channel
  • Entering your BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) compatible wallet
  • Following our Twitter Page
  • Following our Medium Page
  • Retweeting the Pinned Post on our Twitter profile about this airdrop

So the tasks for this airdrop program will be pretty easy to accomplish. The main goal of this program is to jumpstart our community, and create even more focused bounties and community programs after this one.


  • No duplicate emails, wallets, and accounts because it will be easy for us to find duplicate accounts, and it will result in an eligibility loss.
  • The twitter account you submit has to be active, and it should have some posts and connections. Using bot accounts will disqualify you.
  • Your retweet needs to stay in your account until the distribution.
  • In order to receive the 100 $N1CE reward, all tasks must be completed. There will not be partial rewards if you do not complete these tasks fully.
  • The tokens distribution will happen on a future time that will be announced on our @n1ceofficial channel, i.e. when N1CE gets released to the market. If you have submitted all the entries correctly you will receive your $N1CE tokens in your wallet when the distribution period arrives.
  • There will be more bounty programs, as well as special events until market release. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Telegram channels for further announcements.
  • This airdrop program will start on 26h of April 2021, at 8:00 am UTC.



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