N1CE Airdrop Launch

  • Approve members who apply for becoming experts
  • Hire specialists for your custom products or services
  • Yearly Roadmap DAOs to decide together with our community
  • Discounted rates on N1CE services for staking tokens
  • Liquidity mining features for those interested in providing liquidity to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) pairs of $N1CE token.
  • us to gather knowledge and expertise about crypto

How to participate in the airdrop

  • Visit our Telegram bot at: http://t.me/n1ceAirdropBot . It will guide you through the following steps:
  • Entering your email
  • Joining our Telegram Community
  • Joining our Telegram Channel
  • Entering your BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) compatible wallet
  • Following our Twitter Page
  • Following our Medium Page
  • Retweeting the Pinned Post on our Twitter profile about this airdrop


  • No duplicate emails, wallets, and accounts because it will be easy for us to find duplicate accounts, and it will result in an eligibility loss.
  • The twitter account you submit has to be active, and it should have some posts and connections. Using bot accounts will disqualify you.
  • Your retweet needs to stay in your account until the distribution.
  • In order to receive the 100 $N1CE reward, all tasks must be completed. There will not be partial rewards if you do not complete these tasks fully.
  • The tokens distribution will happen on a future time that will be announced on our @n1ceofficial channel, i.e. when N1CE gets released to the market. If you have submitted all the entries correctly you will receive your $N1CE tokens in your wallet when the distribution period arrives.
  • There will be more bounty programs, as well as special events until market release. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Telegram channels for further announcements.
  • This airdrop program will start on 26h of April 2021, at 8:00 am UTC.



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N1CE - The Crypto Experts

N1CE - The Crypto Experts

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