N1CE: A blockchain experts community

The main purpose of the N1CE project is to create a community-driven web platform to empower knowledge and expertise in the crypto space.

We are trying to fill a gap as it is important to have a place to find well-recognized crypto knowledge validated by people.
We are a community-driven project, meaning that token holders can enjoy the benefits of DeFi, and participate in the governance of the N1CE platform and ecosystem.

The main problems we want to solve are:

  • Creating a community of people who are passionate about crypto and who have a high level of expertise they can share to other people
  • Having a zero-barrier platform in which everyone can find their space
  • Letting our community participate in every decision through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • Collecting the knowledge about crypto and making it available to everyone in a large number of areas such as: Software Development, Market Analysis, Marketing and Social Media, Mining, Data Science, Design etc.

The way we want to face and solve these problems is to have some reward systems, so everyone involved in our platform can have a large number of benefits:

  • Competitive rates to top-tier products and service
  • Daily rewards for using the platform and exploring contents
  • Staking for token holders
  • Rewards for community members who help the project succeed in many different areas and categories
  • Liquidity mining program for those who want to support our market activities in DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges)

Instead of creating our own staking and mining features, we chose to use TosDis.Finance to offer a simple way for our token holders to enjoy yield rewards.

TosDis is short for “The One Stop DeFi Interoperable Solution”, and it’s a secure platform which offers DeFi as a service, a very useful feature for all DeFi projects.

We currently have:

  • A staking pool with a total of 200k N1CE tokens reward distributed in one month. At the time of writing this, there are already more than 2000 users who joined this pool, with an incredible APY close to 1000%
  • A yield farming pool for liquidity mining with a huge reward pool consisting of 1.5M N1CE tokens. The rewards are currently distributed among the almost 300 participants

A community of people who love cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with a high level of expertise they can share with others. Website: http://n1ce.community/