How to display N1CE Academy NFT on Metamask

Hello N1CE Community!

If you were lucky enough to win one of our exclusive NFT Tickets redeemable for a N1CE Academy course, here’s what you need to do to display your NFT on Metamask (mobile version).

  1. First of all, make sure that your active wallet is the one which received the NFT
  2. On the Metamask home screen, choose the “NFT” Tab:

3. Click on the +ADD NFTs button at the center bottom of the screen:

4. In the Address field paste 0x43db8ea81074b31cf2665b600a4086cf36b59445, while in the ID field, you have to put the ID displayed on BSCScan.
To find out what ID you received, go to<YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE>
(Replace <YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE> with your actual wallet address):

Once you’re done, just click on the ADD button, and you should see the NFT in your wallet!

When N1CE Academy will be live, we will add a redeem function, which you can use to exchange your NFT for a free course.



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