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2 min readAug 12, 2021

The brand new N1CE logo is here! And to celebrate this occasion we are organising a special giveaway for you to win some exciting prizes along the way. Grab your fair share of the 150BUSD prize pool by enrolling in the initiative. Here’s how:


The rules are simple. Hop on to this Sweepstakes page and submit your entry. After that you will earn tickets for each successful action performed. The more tickets you have the bigger your chance to be among the winners. To win tickets you need to complete one or more of the following social actions:

  1. Join N1CE on Facebook for 1 ticket
  2. Join n1ceofficial on Reddit for 1 ticket
  3. Subscribe To N1CE Newsletter for 1 ticket
  4. Join @n1cecommunity on Telegram for 1 ticket
  5. Follow @n1ceofficial on Twitter for 1 ticket
  6. Retweet the Pinned Post for 1 ticket
  7. Update your social profile with N1CE new logo for 4 tickets


Upon the campaign’s end on the 5th of September 2021, we will draw 15 winners at random from all participants. Each ticket puts another entry for you in the participants pool thus giving you a higher chance to win. Simply put, having the maximum of 10 tickets increases your odds 10 fold.

Each of the 15 winners drawn will receive an equal share of the 150 BUSD prize pool. Who will be among the 15 will be announced within 5 business days of the campaign’s end. After that we will contact the winners via email to distribute the prizes.

So don’t wait up! Join us in celebrating the new N1CE logo and get your fair share in return. Submit your entry:

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